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Comprehensive Treatment
for All Aspects of Your Care

Dental health problems can cause chronic pain and constant discomfort. Missing, decayed, and broken teeth can leave you struggling to eat, make you feel self-conscious, and even make it difficult to sleep. Troublesome wisdom teeth can compromise the stability of your bite, damage your jawbone, and even cause otherwise healthy teeth to fail.

As much as we understand most people don’t look forward to oral surgery, it can sometimes be the ideal way to put an end to pain and a significant step toward rebuilding your oral health. If you’re looking for an oral surgeon near you in Chicago, IL, we’re proud to offer several surgical treatments in the comfort of our state-of-the-art office. Our dentists at Brighter Smile are experienced in a selection of oral surgery interventions and utilize advanced technology to ensure your procedure is minimally invasive, efficient, and predictable. Your treatment will be comfortable and safe, helping you get back to a healthy and pain-free life!

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Convenience Meets
Fear-Free Dentistry

Dr. Michelle Beckerly and our entire team at Brighter Smile are committed to providing comprehensive care so you can conveniently get the treatment you need, including oral surgery, in the same comfortable state-of-the-art dental office you’re already familiar with. Our dentists are trained in the latest techniques and keep your surgery as minimally invasive as possible. With dental sedation options to keep you comfortable and in a soothing, pristine dental office environment, we’ll make your oral surgery experience as smooth as possible. Our top priority at Brighter Smile is to ensure you get the best possible dental healthcare. If your oral surgery needs fall outside our scope of practice, we can connect you with a specialist oral surgeon near you to provide any other treatments you need.

Our In-House Oral Surgery Options

Wisdom Tooth Extractions
Dental Implant Surgery
Tooth Extractions
Bone Grafting
Sinus Lift
Ridge Augmentation