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Achieve a Natural Look
with Tooth Bonding

If you have problems with how your teeth look, you might wonder what you can do to improve your appearance. There are a lot of options available for cosmetic improvements. One of the fastest and most cost-effective treatments is bonding.

Bonding can help correct a cracked, chipped, or discoloured tooth. With this simple process, you can regain your confidence and flash your smile more than ever. Because people are drawn to smiles, you’ll make a great impression on others and be seen as friendly and approachable.

dental tooth bonding

What Is
Tooth Bonding?

Tooth bonding is simple. A dentist applies a tooth-colored resin to your teeth, which makes it look natural. This process is much cheaper than other options, including a crown or veneer.

Your dentist will choose a bonding color that matches your natural tooth color. Then the surface of your tooth will be roughened a bit, and then a liquid is applied that allows the bonding material to stick to your tooth. The dentist applies the composite resin, shapes it to fit naturally with other teeth, and hardens the material with a UV light.

After the resin hardens, your dentist will recheck the bonding and do additional reshaping if necessary. Bonding can fix a decayed or cracked tooth, close small gaps between teeth, and improve color in a tooth that cannot be treated with

dental tooth bonding procedure

The Quick, Painless, and Affordable Solution
for Dental Repairs

If you have a tooth that isn’t the same size as the others, tooth bonding can also be used to make it bigger so it matches more naturally.

The biggest benefits of tooth bonding are that it is fast and less expensive than other procedures. You only need one visit to the dentist and there is no anesthesia or downtime. You can be done in less than an hour!

If you’re interested in tooth bonding as a way to improve your appearance, let Brighter Smile help you today. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation!