Dr. Michelle Beckerly - Chicago, IL

Meet Dr. Michelle Beckerly

Michelle Beckerly’s
Treatment Philosophy

Dentistry is not only Dr. Beckerly’s career, it is also her passion. As a dentist, Dr. Beckerly feels it is her responsibility to offer the best level of care with empathy and respect. Helping others is a privilege and earning the trust of patients is her goal. You can count on Dr. Beckerly, to be honest with you and inform you fully. She will take the time to consider your personal goals and concerns and she’ll involve you in discussions and decisions about your treatment options and plans.

Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine

Education & Background

Dr. Michelle Beckerly achieved her DMD degree at the Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine in 2009. Afterward, her General Practice Residency was completed at Rush University Medical Center with advanced training in restorative and cosmetic dentistry (including Invisalign, dental implants, and veneers) and providing dentistry for patients with compromised health.

Of particular interest are her skills in treating snoring and sleep apnea. Having trained with leaders in the field, Dr. Beckerly encourages you to come for a consultation if you have (or suspect you have) sleep apnea. Because it is directly connected to serious systemic medical concerns including heart attack and stroke, it is a sleep disorder that needs immediate attention. With a small, comfortable mouthpiece, Dr. Beckerly can help you get a solid and rejuvenating night’s sleep.

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Dr. Beckerly’s Interests

Dr. Beckerly enjoys working with people of all ages, from when they are babies to the most senior of seniors. That’s one reason why she chose our community – for its diversity in people’s ages and backgrounds. When not in the office, Dr. Beckerly likes to participate in local street fairs and school health fairs, try new restaurants and enjoy favorite ones, exercise, and she has a new-found love for skiing.